Checklist for Hiring a Party Bus Service

Hiring a party bus service is the ideal way to make a good event into a great event. Whether you are looking to hire a bus for a bachelor or bachelorette party, for prom, or for just a special weekend out, a party bus can transform your evening into one of the best nights of your life. Hiring a party bus means that you don’t need to worry about refraining from drinking, finding your own personal transportation, and accommodating a large group of people.

Party buses are designed to take all those factors into account and to ensure that you don’t need to deal with the petty problems that come with a night out on the town. Before you hire your bus though, there are a number of things you should look at. Below are the main elements of a checklist that you should have when you hire a party bus service.

Notify the Company About the Details

p12First and foremost, both you and the party bus company need to be on the same page. The first thing you need to do is to notify the company about how many people are in your party. After that part is clear, also provide the company with a detailed itinerary of where you would like to stop at throughout the night. The addresses, phone numbers, and contact information should all be on the itinerary. Just to make sure things are correct, look at the itinerary once over before finalizing it with the company.

Special Requests

Another important task that needs to be done is notifying the company of any special requests. These requests can include tailgating needs, extension cords for music, drinks, music, and so forth. It is recommended that you provide the company with special request ahead of time rather than last minute because the company also needs time to get things together.

Food and Drink

Some party bus packages provide you with alcohol, while others allow you to bring your own drinks and food. If you are part of the latter category, then it is recommended that you clear with the company about the drinks and food you intend to bring on board. Some companies don’t allow certain foods because they aren’t very convenient in a moving vehicle.

Overall, adding the above elements to your party bus checklist can ensure a smooth and problem-free experience. You’ll have a great night free from stress and full of fun.

The Best Way to Have Night time Fun in Chicago: Party Limos

Parties are supposed to happen at a place which is loud, crazy and happening. Chicago is thus one such place to party and have fun. With its rocking night life and pubs, the youth here are attracted to spend a nice time dancing around and having immense fun. However, the period of visiting a disco is characterized not from the time you visit it but actually from the time you embark on a journey to reach the destination. Thus, many pubs and discos provide limousine services for parties and night life. These are also known as Party Limos.

Such party limos have the capacity to accommodate more than 20 people in the car. It is great, wide huge and gives you the feeling of having seated yourself in a comfortable atmosphere. You feel like a prince as you enjoy and relish all the comforts thrown upon you by the party services. There are many pub organizers who are ready to arrange these services for you once they know you have a numbers and also you are going to go long way in visiting a disco.

What it is to party in Chicago

p11Chicago is the hub of party zones in America. You can swoon; dance, chill and have an awesome time in the queen of nightlife. Also, to make this process easy, party limos are provided. Chicago party limos will pick out up from your destination and drop you at the required party place. Some limos provide with food while some serve drinks and other refreshments. It is also possible to pool in with other people in these cars so that the cost reduces.

Why a limousine?

Because it speaks of style, glaze and glamor! Would you want to take a public vehicle and approach a party? How shiny can even the costliest personal car look when you approach a party? And moreover, what if the party is no ordinary one and is actually a New Year celebration party or like a Christmas Eve party. Thus, it is okay to spend a few bucks and get to go to a precious occasion like this in a party. Limousine just speaks for you and the rest will then be history.

What are the other services of party limos?

Chicago party limos are greatly of use when you need to operate upon a time deadline basis. They will come on time and make you reach on time. Quality will never ever be the reason of compromise and it will never be. Thus, be sure that party limos will make you reach the correct destination at the right time without having to worry about anything.

What happens during such times is people can tend to consume a little more than necessary alcohol and get a little tipsier to be able to reach home safely. Party limos can offer the maximum service in this regard. Thus, trust a limo for making you reach where you ought to i.e. the Party Hub of the United States of America which is Chicago.

Unusual Chicago Bridal Party Ideas

Weddings are a fun and happy time to be around with friends and family. Especially for brides, it is the most joyous moment of her life. There is no better feeling than when you feel so special and accompanied and occupied by all of your closed ones. However, people also resolve to do something extra-ordinary on their wedding days. Brides especially plan to hold bridal parties so that they can have the most joyous moments of their life for the last time with all her friends. This is the last day when she will be a spinster and she decides to spend it in the most exciting inner ever possible.

However, it is not just enough that you have bridal party ideas. It is just these days that you have some unique, funky and crazy party ideas that will make your girlfriends go crazy and enjoy the time to the fullest. You can assume characters, go street shopping, and go to a beach and do other small things which will assure you that it is the best time for you and your friends. Here are some tips to know how to spend a good day enjoying and tripping at a bridal party:-

Night out at a jungle

Though this might sound completely crazy and stupid it can actually work to give you some really good time out there in the jungle. Imagine having the most amazing thrill of your life dancing and singing around in the forest when you know that you have got to wedded the day after. Imagine hosting party in the middle of the forest where it is dark, crazy and too frightening. You will get the feeling of having accomplished your long lost fear ever. You will get the feeling that it is possible to have good time with friends in an area which is no new and scary. Thus, it will rightly prepare you for your future life. Also, the thrill of the forest will always remind you of your fun time and happenings.

Hosting a party with unique costumes

This is the right time when you will get time for yourself and others. Thus, by doing something funky and nice, you will be able to remember the moments for lifetime. Having unique costumes theme can do the right thing for you. What people generally expect in a Chicago Bridal party is that there will be many costumes and people will be able to flaunt them in one of the parties they go to. Strippers are another concept generally utilized for this scenario. However, you can ask your stripper to wear something really hot and once which can not only lure you but the other girls out there.

Thus, unique Chicago bridal party ideas depend upon one’s own creativity and thinking. If you are one of those who can churn out some good stuff go ahead and experiment. It is the most existing day for a bride and thus, hosting crazy parties is just going to work in her favor.

Don’t Let Guests Drink and Drive – Supply Party Transportation

Are you one of those who get immense fun hosting parties and making people dance? Are you one of those for whom the name parties rings the bell of arrangement and co-ordination? If yes then you would surely have the right ideas and understanding of what is required to have the right ideas and understanding of hosting any party. Like How Monica in Friends knows well in advance what it is to party and have fun, it is a must that everybody else also completely is aware of the fact of having fun however along with proper arrangement.

Thus, it is these times, when people feel easy to approach a party but face difficulty while going back. As one has the experience and time of a life drinking and feeling good about enjoying, it is this post parties phase when they are going to immensely face the brunt of going back. Accidents have occurred when people went back driving on their own after having been stoned completely. Thus, to avoid such situations, party hosts feel they must take the responsibility of arranging some party transportation.

What is this transportation idea good one?

p10It is the most logical way in which you can assure the safety of your guests who visit your party. These are the guests who have resolved to come and have a nice time at your party destination. Thus, it is also your responsibility to arrange transportation for them on their way back home. It is a big responsibility to host a party and doing such an act will not only make your parties famous but also make you be known as a person who cares for other people at the best. Thus, it is nice to arrange transportation right from the beginning for your guests.

What is this transportation service going to provide?

These services will provide drops to your home. What they could ask you to do is make a list of all the people who will be coming for the party with their names, addresses, and photographs so that these chauffeurs will not face problems later in dropping them at their destination. Another thing you can do is accompany the guests with any sober individual who is in sense and can spare time for leaving people at their homes. These transportation services will then come at an allotted time given to them and will not cause much delay.

Thus, drinking is good but too much drinking can cause problems. Thus, it is better to be safe than sorry and arrange party transportation services for your guest because you know you love them and you want them to come back. It is alright to spend some extra buck on these people as they will be the one who will be the stars of your party later. Doing this will also help you support the cause of driving without drinking, so don’t think much and hire some good services of transportation for parties.

Coolest Ride To The Concert: A Party Bus

A concert party bus is full of entertainment. You can organize a concert in the bus, wherein you can sing, dance, eat and can have all sorts of fun on the wheels. The driver of the party buses will pick you from your dwell at a particular time and again drop you back to your place.

When we think of the world fun, most people shout to a wider extent while riding on a party bus. This can be really a wild experience for those who love mixture of fun and excitement.

Services offered by concert party buses

Concert party buses provide hourly services and allow you to have unlimited stops throughout your concert party. These types of buses have trained drivers who are quite polite and courteous to their passengers. The buses are furnished with latest and high quality leather seating and hardwood flooring. In addition to these, it includes flat screen TV, mp3 connector and color changing LED lights as well. The party buses are provided with an inbuilt bar along with coolers and refrigerators.


They allow you to have luxurious and comfortable party at affordable costs. These concert buses are always well maintained and will be in good working condition, it never breaks down in the middle of the party. Here the bus serves as a club on wheels. The clients are catered with all the necessary services during the travel. These types of buses are in huge demand in the market.

You can comfortably relax on the leather seats and can enjoy your drinks from the bar. You need not have to worry about anything else like parking of your vehicle and other such things because you will be having a party environment around you.

Party bus best suitable for any event

One of the most important issues which you need to consider while choosing a concert party bus is the size of the group and another issue whether you would like to choose lower ceiling bus or a high roof-bus. In these party buses you can comfortably move from one place to another place.

Almost all the party buses are well equipped with the classical entertainment system and also equipped with all the facilities that are necessary for your enjoyment. Hence, you can travel with utmost enjoyment from one place to another place.

Optimal level of standard facilities

These types of party buses have optimum levels of standard facilities. The party buses are inspected prior to their journey in order to maintain a high level of performance and to have a safe journey which is free from all hassles. The party buses are committed to provide a higher level of customer service and loyalty. The drivers are welcoming and friendly. They will be having good knowledge about all the areas.

A travel in party bus can be really a thrilling and exciting experience for your friends and families. While choosing a party bus, ensure that the bus company is reliable, completely insured and has professional drivers for your safety. Rent a party bus to get high quality of services at affordable price and create memories which lasts for lifetime.