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Best Free Movie Downloads Sites for Android/iPhone (iOS & Mac)

Best Free Movie Downloads Sites for Android/iPhone (iOS & Mac) – Talking about entertainment than watching movies is the best way to pass out time. It has also been a hobby to few people who love to spend their time watching movies. And you can even say it is a regular process.

It is very much certain that from kids to adults everyone can watch a movie together unlike any other show be it sitcoms or any other TV shows. It is the one and the only thing that every age group can sit together and watch.

Movie Downloads Sites

While talking of- people who love to watch movies it becomes a tough deal to search a movie of their favorite genre.

Best Free Movie Downloads Sites for Android/iPhone (iOS & Mac)

Seriously it sometimes takes hours to search for just one single movie but what becomes irritating is when you are not able to download the movie that you have spent so much time to look upon.

Also, there must always be some or the other alternatives available ready. And watching movies on Smartphone is way much better and easier, and also you can carry it anywhere you want and watch your favorite movies while traveling too.

However, there are not many applications that support the iOS but the few that supports work extremely well. You might search the app store for streaming movies, but the downloading application would be a bit troublesome.

So for downloading the movies or streaming it, you can easily download some of the applications that can give you access to your favorite genres of movies for a free download.

Here is the list of the app that allows you to download movies online for free. The apps are compatible with both iOS as well as Android.

Cinema box

Cinema box is really good when it comes to download latest movies at High speed. The application can easily stream HD movies as well as TV shows too.

The app is only available for Smartphone that means the iOS do not support the app.

Also, the app supports Google Chromecast, which is one of the popular applications to provide good quality screening on the big screen without any a compromise with the quality of pixels so that you can have a better view and enjoy watching your movies without any disturbance.

Bobby Movie Box

Well as the app Bobby Movie Box only support Android; this app supports only iOS. The app can be easily downloaded on the app store of the iPhone and that too for free of cost.

The movies are available in HD resolution there for if you think of downloading any movie, then this is one of the best-featured apps that will guide you for the latest movies.

Just one thing that you might be seeing commercial ads too once you are online but the upgraded paid version will not be playing any advertisements.


It is one of the most popular apps for downloading videos at fast speed and also in High resolution. You can stream TV shows and movies or any online show and that too for free with its unlimited amazing feature.

The app is popular and has the highest rating for its great features but however it is yet not available for iPhone, but you can easily watch online movies and TV series for free.

It provides its users with many amazing features despite being so much popular; this app is yet not available on the Google play store too.

But you can easily download the app by visiting the official website and getting the download link from there. Also, you will be provided with feature to download and also save the video and watch it offline too just like the one in YouTube. The application is also available for laptops and PC.

MegaBox HD

It is the latest application launched to stream online TV shows as well as movies. The Android user can easily watch movies for free. The application feature all genres of the movies are it romantic, thriller or comedy.

The application is easily available for the Android users and also available for laptops and PC. You must check to have an android emulator to download the application action on PC.


Viewster is available for download movies and that too free of cost. Be it any TV Show or movies you can easily download it.

You can enjoy its best features and that too for free of cost. You can easily filter the language of the film and set it according to your desire.

The application is also available for download on PC and laptop. Not just limited to this but you can even enjoy reading the biographies of the actors or actresses. Watch any latest trailer of the movie release or be it any gossip related to any celebrity everything is available and that too free of cost.

Newest Movies HD

There are a lots people who love to watch animated and cartoon movies; then this is the app you must have. You can also view your favorite cartoon shows as well as movies too. It has a very good collection and a wide variety of cartoon and film available which are free to watch.


The application is available for both androids as well as iOS. It helps to stream movies that are free of cost and also makes your work easier by finding it out itself.

You can also filter the movies according to the options given in the application. The app downs do not host every movie. Therefore you can easily download the other alternative application for the same too.

Be it comedy, romantic, thriller or drama you can enjoy watching and downloading movies for free on your phones and watch it anytime and anywhere, all you need is a good internet connection and then you are all set to go.

So now no need to spend money and stand in long queues for watching movies just download the app and start using its multiple features to enjoy watching movies and your favorite TV shows for free.